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Caltech Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences Theses

This map shows the coordinates of content in CaltechDATA associated with theses from the Caltech Division of Geological and Planetary Science. Data included from historic theses are supplemental pocket contents such as maps and drawings.

Scrolling inside the map will zoom and dragging will move the map. Click on any point or bounding box to see the original item in CaltechDATA.

Want your thesis to show up on the map?

Upload files associated with your thesis to CaltechDATA and include a geolocation point or area. You'll also have to include the keywords 'gps' and 'thesis' in the record. If you run into any problems just send us an email.

Did you complete your thesis in the Caltech GPS Division?

We haven't been able to assign locations for every thesis. Send us an email and we can get your thesis on the map.

Want to improve this map?

The code to generate the map is available on GitHub and we accept pull requests for improvements.